Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deep South Martial Arts Championship 2010

This afternoon I will be competing in a martial arts tournament. This will be my 9th tournament. Like last time I will be competing in empty-hand kata and grappling. Last time I got 4th place in kata, and 3rd place (out of three!) in grappling. I plan to do better this time.
As usual, I'm nervous. This is what I feel like today.

Shingo Yamamoto, Sasuke 23. Picture from Rambling Rican

I'm more nervous than usual today. On October 14th, I promoted to black belt.

Me with Sensei Stanley on the day of my black belt promotion.

This will be my first time competing as a black belt. The adults (18 and up) compete in the afternoon, and the colored belts compete first. I've still got a few hours before I compete.
In all of the tournaments I've competed in, I've never won a 1st place trophy. Today I plan to get first place in at least one event. As I've said before, these tournaments are my version of Sasuke, and winning first place is my Kanzenseiha. Like my hero, Shingo Yamamoto, I will keep trying. I won't give up. I will win.

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