Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sasuke Posters

As I promised, I'll put up some Sasuke posters. I couldn't put them up earlier because I was on one of the school's library computers and didn't have access to my posters. I've done two full sets, and one that's almost complete. I'll put up the posters from the first set now.

Sasuke All-Stars
This is the first one I made.

Shingo Yamamoto

Makoto Nagano

Katsumi Yamada. This is actually the second version of this poster. The first one didn't come out very well.

Bunpei Shiratori

Kazuhiko Akiyama

Toshihiro Takeda

This one is "Best Buddies."

This is the first set. I'll do a blog for the second set soon, and when I get the third set finished I'll do a blog for that one, too.

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Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Great. I like this post. :-)